Google Apps School Training

In 2014 my school was a couple of months into their Google Apps journey and asked for a workshop to reinforce the basics of the key apps. Whilst wanting to recap the foundation skills, I was aware that some teachers had picked up the basics quite quickly and were motivated to move forward. As a result, I designed a workshop in which staff members were able to self assess their current skill levels and determine what they needed to learn.

On our Staff Hub, which is simply a Google Site, I created a Google Apps training page (see image below). There was a page for each app that we had been focusing on with curated training materials (such as videos and interactive websites) and differentiated tasks for the participants to practice their skills. For each app I included a Basic and Extend area with a list of objectives under each. This allowed staff to independently choose the training materials that best suit their needs and learn at their own pace. Feedback from staff was positive and I would adopt this Blended Learning training style again.

Google Apps trianing page